The Oscar spirit

The history of the Oscar home is above all a family affair. Everything starts in a small town in Italy there where Oscar Giola officiates as a tailor, appreciated and renowned in this northern area. From here begins the transmission from the father to his son, he taught him the tricks of this noble profession which he is so proud.

Today, Oscar grows around the world, and is recognized for its semi-traditional way. Oscar has attracted guests with its constant creativity and authentic style respectful of French expertise. Exported to hundreds of worldwide sales outlets, Oscar becomes a benchmark of elegance to the French. Regarding suits, two main lines are emerging. A first, the city, to be elegant everyday, and a second, the ceremony for all occasions which mark your life.

Moreover, these are the little children of Oscar who took a passion for shirts. Every day, new models are conceived to offer you a new regular line from the noble to the basic chic fantasy. All models are exclusive and unique to our image of masculine elegance.